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Big Bear Retreat

Every so often a retreat is necessary. Once I saw the view, I knew the weekend would feel too short.


The “farm” has been a bit exhausting lately, made a bit more difficult by hot weather and pregnancy. Especially the chickens, who have to be fed separate foods since the new six are still too young to be on layer feed. We took the short drive to Big Bear and thoroughly enjoyed the cooler temperatures and occasional rains.


This was Ranger’s first trip to the lake and we had hoped to take him on a boat ride to see if he would swim. All of the boats ended up being rented out, so we settled for taking him to a nearby beach. He enjoying the water more than I thought was possible from a dog who won’t step into a kiddie pool.


I’m already looking forward to the next trip.

Future Farm Dog

I had – against my better judgment – been looking at rescue German Shepherd puppies for weeks with the intent to surprise my husband with a new family member. After clearing the initial interview with the Coastal German Shepherd Rescue for a female puppy, I decided it was probably a better joint decision, and after some minor hesitation, we decided to move forward with the next part of the adoption process. Only, the rescue decided that their male dog would be a better fit for our family. We took the 40 minute drive to meet him and got there rather late in the day – he greeted us with some lazy bites and then retreated to a spot underneath a table to fall asleep. After some relatively minor hemming and hawing about the looming responsibility, we moved forward with the adoption.

It was a long, cry-filled car ride home, followed by a long cry-filled evening, but … look at that face.


It didn’t take long for him to find a soft spot for a nap.


Welcome home, little 3 month old unnamed puppy!