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I got the keys today – a strange feeling. There are still lots of parts of this renovation loan process that confuse me and today presented yet another challenge. I believed that when we closed on the house, funds would be released for the contractor to start work. This is not the case, and it could be another week before he sees a check. So, with an already tight deadline of needing to have the floors in by the 31st, there is this hurdle.

This being the situation at hand, there is plenty of cleaning and lots of side projects that need to be done. We forge ahead.

With friends and family assisting or being good company, we got a great start at removing the non-load-bearing wall that was in between the kitchen and living room. Quite a bit of cleanup happened outside as well (the “after” shots will have to happen when it is light out). I also got out most of the carpet, which should help the smell quite a bit.

Here are some before and afters from today:

(master bedroom) 

(living room)and many more fun projects to come…