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Well, the kitchen is at its final stages for now – eventually, we will be replacing the cabinets, installing new countertops, and a replacing the hot peppers backsplash. Day one, I had a grease filled, disgusting, spider-infested mess in front of me. Is there anything in the picture below that is not repulsive?

The tops of the cabinets were so covered in grease that I could scrape it up with a putty knife. All of those were replaced (thanks Jim!), as well as some of the shelves and the cabinet shelf under the sink. The walls and cabinets were cleaned up and painted. Appliances were trashed and replaced with new ones. And more.

At the “before” point in the project below, I thought I would never finish.┬áBut finally, the cabinets are painted, the kitchen is clean, and I can start saving boat loads of money for those countertops… until then, the hot peppers backsplash stays.