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We have drywall and tile

Here are a few before and after pictures with the drywall and tile installed. Wood-look tile is everywhere right now but I’m okay with joining the bandwagon. It’s one of the more realistic looking styles I’ve seen, and I’m a big fan of the 4 ft length. I had wanted to use this project to improve my tile skills, but it became unrealistic at 7 months pregnant. We did find a fantastic guy to set the tile, who was meticulous about mixing up the patterns and perfectly leveling each one, so I’m very happy with the results.

I didn’t really like the idea of having a master closet in a bathroom for moisture reasons, but moving the wall was a bit more of a financial commitment than I was willing to make for this house.

The Hardiebacker has also been installed for the shower walls. We added two recessed niches for storing soapsĀ so we wouldn’t need any type of hanging organizer.

Next stop, drywall taping and texture.

Bathroom Updates

A minor update on the bathroom: we installed the tub! We picked one that bows out for just a few more inches of leg room. The drywall and tile installation begins soon…

Open space

Our main living space has been mostly open since we took out a wall our first week living here, with the exception of this hanging cabinet blocking views into the kitchen. In a brief moment of insanity, I decided it was well worth the loss in cabinet storage to never have to look at it there again. And so…

Now I have a big spot to paint on the ceiling. Worth it.

Master Bath Demo

Today the demo begins on the master bathroom. We’ve waited over two years to finally say “goodbye” to this blue tile and rusty tub. Here’s what it looked like on move-in day.

Master Bath Before



Pretty disgusting all around. Since we plan to sell or rent this place eventually, the upgrades will be kept on the generic side. Updates soon!