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Grading Complete

Another thing to check off the massive to-do list.

This spring, when I performing a second walk-thru, I took a lot of pictures of the current state of the place. The fridge, piles of wood, fencing, ladder, and parts of that trampoline didn’t leave when the family finally moved out. So I can call this an accurate “before” picture.

Two 40 cu. yd. dumpsters, three trips to the dump, and months of cleaning, clearing, and demolition left us with one uneven yard that sloped toward the house. After grading, rototilling, and smoothing out, it is finally cleared. It may not be close to finished but I’m excited to build garden boxes, put the chicken coop out, and build a new fence. That, or we have a really solid lawnmower racetrack area. On to the next thing.

“Small” Kitchen Changes

Well, the kitchen is at its final stages for now – eventually, we will be replacing the cabinets, installing new countertops, and a replacing the hot peppers backsplash. Day one, I had a grease filled, disgusting, spider-infested mess in front of me. Is there anything in the picture below that is not repulsive?

The tops of the cabinets were so covered in grease that I could scrape it up with a putty knife. All of those were replaced (thanks Jim!), as well as some of the shelves and the cabinet shelf under the sink. The walls and cabinets were cleaned up and painted. Appliances were trashed and replaced with new ones. And more.

At the “before” point in the project below, I thought I would never finish.┬áBut finally, the cabinets are painted, the kitchen is clean, and I can start saving boat loads of money for those countertops… until then, the hot peppers backsplash stays.

Chevron Entryway

I have been seeing a lot of stripes, zig-zags, and chevron lately… and I am in love. After seeing this design, I knew I had to incorporate it into the new place. I am really happy with the way it turned out. Still haven’t decided on the appropriate decor for the table, but I may need to invest in some pieces with a bit of height.

This was my entryway four weeks ago when I bought the place. The gigantor cheap “safe” mirror is not really my taste:

Two weeks later it looked like this. Creating the design was much easier to do than I expected – some tape, a pencil, and a tape measure were the only tools required. I had already painted the wall bright yellow/orange, so I planned to fill in the spots with off-white and grey:

And here it is now.

Onto the next project!

Move In: Part 5

Where to start? Things have been going mostly smooth.

The flooring guy – John – leveled the floor for installation.

See that toilet box in the corner? Thanks Grandpa Ben for two new Kohler toilets!

I taped out a chevron pattern on the entryway wall – more pictures of that project to come!

Almost all of the painting is complete – only touch up painting required. I loved this green for the master bedroom. Temporarily ignore the blue trim on the door. And the floors are in! They are a few baseboards away from looking like a home.

With moving complete, my subsequent photos will be much more “lived in”. Still trying to find places for all of these boxes!

Move In: Part 4

A long week it has been! We’ve filled a 40 cu. yd. dumpster, finished almost all of the demolition, removed lots of the old fencing, took down the makeshift backyard pergola that was conveniently 1000 lbs and attached to the house via a series of screws and nails, repaired a million nail holes, fixed the water damage under the sink with new drywall and new shelving, removed the pergola in the front of the house, replaced the kitchen window, installed new screens on every window and door, started painting, tossed the toilets, demo’ed every closet and shelf in the house, and started the major cleaning. But, it still feels very far from move in ready. Thursday the flooring gets installed!

I don’t have a great before picture handy, but we tore down that fence and filled the dumpster with trash from this area. I forgot about the chain link fence until just now looking at this picture… too bad that couldn’t fit in the dumpster.

Taking a well-deserved break – note the hackjob of a pergola is gone. Thanks Mel! The exterior is still pink, unfortunately. They did leave that sweet rusty fire pit – another refurbish project for the future.

And the painting has started. I’m a big chicken and don’t like to sit on the soffits.

Saying goodbye to 10 years of bad home ownership. A day later that sucker was completely full. I hope we don’t need another one because they are pricey to rent.

Tomorrow I have to rally and try and finish painting before the flooring guys arrive Thursday. I need some more friends with rollers.

Move In: Part 3

I’ve hit the point now where the demolition never seems to end – hence my late posting of the happenings of day 3 and 4 of this long week.

We have a nice looking patch where a wall once was. Thanks Landon!

See the awesome “distressed” cabinets in the kitchen? That style doesn’t look so great when your house actually is distressed. Cannot wait to paint those. Try to ignore the stalactites of grease where the stove once was… the stove and the dishwasher got kicked to the curb. The dishwasher had a few too many spiders in it to be considered a “keeper”.

Before, the garage had been drywalled in and converted to a bedroom / filthy storage space (see below).

I have no use for a smelly bedroom, so the wall came out. They left the garage door and springs in tact, although the garage door will probably be replaced later this month because, like everything else in this house, it smells and is broken.

Voila! No more wall.

I also have this gem to deal with…

Who doesn’t love a pink door painted with roses? You can’t tell from the picture, but this door has been kicked in one or more times, so it and the door frame will be replaced in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful artistry.