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I’ve hit the point now where the demolition never seems to end – hence my late posting of the happenings of day 3 and 4 of this long week.

We have a nice looking patch where a wall once was. Thanks Landon!

See the awesome “distressed” cabinets in the kitchen? That style doesn’t look so great when your house actually is distressed. Cannot wait to paint those. Try to ignore the stalactites of grease where the stove once was… the stove and the dishwasher got kicked to the curb. The dishwasher had a few too many spiders in it to be considered a “keeper”.

Before, the garage had been drywalled in and converted to a bedroom / filthy storage space (see below).

I have no use for a smelly bedroom, so the wall came out. They left the garage door and springs in tact, although the garage door will probably be replaced later this month because, like everything else in this house, it smells and is broken.

Voila! No more wall.

I also have this gem to deal with…

Who doesn’t love a pink door painted with roses? You can’t tell from the picture, but this door has been kicked in one or more times, so it and the door frame will be replaced in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful artistry.