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Chevron Entryway

I have been seeing a lot of stripes, zig-zags, and chevron lately… and I am in love. After seeing this design, I knew I had to incorporate it into the new place. I am really happy with the way it turned out. Still haven’t decided on the appropriate decor for the table, but I may need to invest in some pieces with a bit of height.

This was my entryway four weeks ago when I bought the place. The gigantor cheap “safe” mirror is not really my taste:

Two weeks later it looked like this. Creating the design was much easier to do than I expected – some tape, a pencil, and a tape measure were the only tools required. I had already painted the wall bright yellow/orange, so I planned to fill in the spots with off-white and grey:

And here it is now.

Onto the next project!

Move In: Part 5

Where to start? Things have been going mostly smooth.

The flooring guy – John – leveled the floor for installation.

See that toilet box in the corner? Thanks Grandpa Ben for two new Kohler toilets!

I taped out a chevron pattern on the entryway wall – more pictures of that project to come!

Almost all of the painting is complete – only touch up painting required. I loved this green for the master bedroom. Temporarily ignore the blue trim on the door. And the floors are in! They are a few baseboards away from looking like a home.

With moving complete, my subsequent photos will be much more “lived in”. Still trying to find places for all of these boxes!